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KTOA was founded in 1996, to perform functions such as making mutual benefits by extending members' rights and increasing mutual cooperation, preparing basis for self-regulating fair competitions, etc along with pursuing healthy growth of communication service by actively responding to business environment changes within Korea and overseas through strengthening cooperation and ties among communication telecom operators.

Particularly, KTOA has taken all possible measures to improve users' benefits with operation of long-distance call pre-selecting registration center and R&D center to scout and manage technology research and development talents in key telecom services, and promote technology standardization of telecom operators in 1999, and operation of KIF investment association to manage funds of 300 billion won created by members for the purpose of investment on promising small and medium · venture businesses in telecom sector, along with number portability managing agency to allow users to change their telecom service provider without changing phone number. Also in 2004, KTOA installed Wireless Network Verification Center to establish market order of wireless internet and form fair competition environment, and Telecommunication Emergency Management Center to synthetically deal with communication emergency by natural disasters, etc and has been supporting securing of research basis for the locals by installing Academic IT Cooperative Research Center in 4 locations around the country based on 100 billion won created by members to expand research basis on IT field.

In the future, KTOA promises to do its best to cope with rapid changes in telecommunication environment, advance Korea's telecommunications, and raise Korea's status as an IT power.

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