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03.12 Inauguration of the 3nd Secreatary-Genaral(Park, Ki Seok)
07.18 ‘Korea Cable Telecom (KCT)’ Joining KTOA
06.30 Signing MOU with Turkey Competitive Operators Association (TELKODER)
05.24 Signing MOU with Russia Infocommunication Union(ICU)
04.28 Signing MOU with Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
12.30 Operating of Center for Facilities Supply Support
11.08 Opening the Website for Broadcasting and Telecommunications Trends
10.20 Signing MOU on the field of MNP business collaboration with ICTPA of Mongolia
09.01 Inauguration of the 7th Chairman, Seok Chae Lee
07.13 Signing MOU with Indonesia Mobile Telecommunications Association(ATSI)
06.18 Signing MOU with Southern Africa Telecommunications Association(SATA)
05.13 Signing MOU with Telecommunications Association of Japan(TCA)
05.04 Signing MOU with China Association of Communications Enterprise(CACE)
09.07 Inauguration of the 2nd Secreatary-Genaral(Song, Seok Yun)
07.10 Inauguration of the 7th Vice-Chairman(Seol, Jeong Seon)
06.27 Operating Information Communication Safety Management Center
04.03 Operating Communication Statistics Unification Management Website
05.07 Operating Mobile Installment Guarantee Premium Refund Informaiton
08.16 Inauguration of the 1st Secreatary-Genaral(Moon, Seung Ho)
05.21 Operating Mobile Refund Informaiton System
01.03 Operating Online Mobile Sales Certification Center
11.15 Inauguration of the 6th Vice-Chairman(Lee, Jae Ryoon)
05.10 Operating Telecommunication Claim Call Center
03.15 Operating Mobile Phone Piracy Report Center
02.10 Operating M114 Service Center
07.25 Inauguration of the 5th President(Gang, Ui Gyu)
02.01 'SK Telink' newly joined
11.15 Inauguration of the 5th Vice-Chairman(Lee, Jae Ryoon)
09.01 Operating IT Cooperative Research Center
02.13 'Samsung Networks' newly joined
12.31 Operating Wireless Network Charging Verification Center
12.31 Operating Telecommunication Emergency Management Center
06.30 Operating Number Portability Management Center
04.24 Operating Telecommunication Network Cooperative Construction Agency
02.06 'SK Networks' newly joined
02.05 Operating Korea IT Fund Investment Association Business Executive Organ
02.05 Inauguration of the 4th President(Oh, Byung Doo)
09.17 Inauguration of the 4th Vice-Chairman(Lee, Seung Mo)
01.01 Operating Telecommunication Field Information Sharing Analysis Center
08.09 Purchasing and transfer to association office building
10.05 Inauguration of the 3rd Vice-Chairman(Yoon, Seok Geun) and President(Park, Young Hee)
06.01 'Powercom' newly joined
03.15 'LG Telecomm,' 'G & G Network(Enterprise Networks), Hansol M.com' newly joined
06.01 Operating Key Telecommunication Business Research and Development Cooperation Organ
10.01 'Hanaro Telecom' newly joined
09.01 'Dreamline' newly joined
07.01 Operating Long-distance Call Pre-selection Modifying Registration Center
11.27 'KTF' newly joined
09.17 Inauguration of the 2nd Vice-Chairman(Yoon, Seok Geun) and President(Han, Hong In)
02.27 'Thrunet' newly joined
08.28 Registration of incorporation, Inauguration of the 1st Vice-Chairman(Go, Yong Gap) and President(Kim, Gi Gang)
* Founding member companies(6) : KT, Dacom, SK Telecom, Shinsegi Telecom, Korea
TRS(KT Powertel), Korea Wireless Communication Council
08.05 Founding approval from the Ministry of Information and Communication
06.27 Inaugural meeting of 'KTOA'