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It is a system to prevent inconveniences caused by changing phone number and give users range of selection for providers and convenience by fair competition by maintaining user's existing phone number when changed to other providers.
1. Increasing users' rights and interests
It should diversify services and increase opportunities for use to realize subscribers' benefits such as rate, etc and secure convenience of subscribers.
2. Revitalize fair competitions among providers
Institutional provision should be settled for the same competition conditions among providers, and technical scheme to revitalize competition should be continuously complemented
3. Minimize complaints and clarify responsibilities
Precautionary measures for customer's complaints(illegality, demurrer, technical disorder, etc) should be set and operated, and grant responsibilities for prompt complaints handling and its cause when complaint occurs to prevent reoccurrence.
4. Increase autonomy of the business and minimize controls
Government should propose the minimum form of controls and supervise strongly, and the business should deduce reasonable mutual agreement for operation, report to government and enforce the agreement under voluntary controls.